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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Name cat's claw

Origin Amazon basin

Scientific Name Uncaria tomentosa - U. guianensis

Description Cat's claw (Una de Gato) - A vine that has two curved thorns at the base of the leaves. The herb is derived from the inner bark or roots of the plant. These two species are harvested primarily in Brazil and Peru. Native indians have used the tea made from the bark to treat wounds, stomach problems, arthritis , cancer, and other ailments. - The inner bark has been found to have compounds called procyanidolic oligomers (PCOs) which inhibit tumors in animals. - Other compounds were found, quinovic acid glycosides...they have multibenefits. as antioxidants, virus killers, and inflammation reducers. also they inhibit the transformation of normal cells into cancerous ones.

Uses - treatment for pain caused by gout or arthritis. - inhances the immune system - fight cancer - as a Contraceptive in Peru - stimulates uterine contractions in animals

Notes Pregnant women or nursing women should avoid cat's claw. The effects could induce a miscarriage. High doses may cause diarrhea.

Possible Side Effects

REMINDER If you have a medical condition such as a heart condition, high blood pressure, palpatations, high blood sugar or other medical conditions talk to your doctor before taking supplements.