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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Name echinacea

Origin native to the grasslands of central United States

Scientific Name Echinacea angustifolia /E.purpurea/E. pallida

Description - A wild flower with purple daisylike petals and a cone shaped blossom. Used for centuries by the indians to heal wounds, relieve pain from burns, and counteract the toxins of snake, spider, and insect bites and stings. - All three types of Echinacea jump start the immune system to fight infection, but E. purpurea is the most potent and long lasting form. - Studies have been done with reports showing Echinacea has several disease, infection , and tumor supressing properties. - One of the most powerful remedies against bacterial and viral infections, and is considered a natural antibiotic. - Contains a compound called echinacein, and echinacoside which neutralizes the ability of many germs to disovle the protective barriers around cells and keeps germs out of body tissue. - E purpurea increases the power of the lymph nodes by increasing production of lymphocytes and macrophages when taken on a regular basis.

Uses - A natural antibiotic for killing a broad spectrum of bacterial, fungi, viruses and other germs. - Healing wounds - E. purpurea helps build up and restore the disease fighting immune system in patients receiving Chemotheraphy. - to filter out and flush dead cells and other debris through the channels of the lymphatic system , and dispatch the white blood cells to fight infection. - Helps the growth of healthy new cell tissue - Shortens the duration of colds and flu - Helps fight recurring respiratory, middle ear, urinary tract and vaginal yeast infections.

Notes no known adverse effects have been reported, however, people allergic to flowers in the daisy family may also be allergic to this herb.

Possible Side Effects

REMINDER If you have a medical condition such as a heart condition, high blood pressure, palpatations, high blood sugar or other medical conditions talk to your doctor before taking supplements.