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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Name goldenseal

Origin North America

Scientific Name Hydrastis canadensis

Description The Cherokee, Iroquois and other American tribes valued goldenseal as a remedy from everything from insect bites and bloating to eye infections and stomach-aches. This stout perennial grows deep in moist, rich woods along the East Coast of North America. The parts of the plant that are used medicinally are the dried rhizomes (underground stems) and roots. The key medicinal compounds in goldenseal are the alkaloids berberine and hydrastine.

Uses Goldenseal fights bacteria, making it useful for mild urinary tract infections and sinus infections. It may also help soothe nausea and vomiting by stimulating digestive secretions and working to destroy the bacteria that may be causing the symptoms.


Possible Side Effects Goldenseal has few side effects if recomended doses are taken and for suggested lengths of time.

REMINDER If you have a medical condition such as a heart condition, high blood pressure, palpatations, high blood sugar or other medical conditions talk to your doctor before taking supplements.